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Problem with fixed portal width in IE

Nov 25, 2008 at 5:04 PM
Hi there,

first of all: the ImageRotator is a pretty cool module. I've been looking for a similar solution for a long time, so thanks for that :-)
But on integrating it on a DNN-Installation, I ran into a problem. Here's the point: The portal runs on a centered fixed width of about 1000 pixels.
Now I want to put the Rotator in the Top Pane and fill it with banners of a slightly smaller width, so they cover nearly the complete width of the site.
So I've set the width of the "flash monitor" inside the module to 900 pixels. In Firefox it works pretty fine and it leaves my overall width intact.
But with the IE, it goes wrong because the container stretches way over my fixed width and the other panes align to that. That also applies when disabling the visibility for the container.